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At Lost Lagoon Day Spa, we strive to provide exceptional services personalized to you with products of the highest quality.

Our goal is not only to provide relaxing treatments, but to help you get lost in the experience. Our mission is to have you leave our Lagoon feeling lighter than when you arrived, as if when you walked through the door, you stepped into paradise

& we're turning the tides.

escapism & relaxation
is our thing...


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The Lost Girls









chi chi

Co-owner - Human Resources Ambassador of Snacks

The spa is a Virgo Sun! She was born September 18, 2021.

Even though we're an all-women team at Lost Lagoon, we take clients of all genders, male clients are some of our most regular clients, believe it or not!

Luxury meets eco-friendly sensibility. With our carbon footprint in mind, 90% of Lost Lagoon is vintage: furnishings, decor, glassware, etc. It’s not just to add character or to show off our thrifting skills, we strive to be as sustainable as possible. 

We aim to support local entrepreneurs who share the same mindset of helping our community thrive and spread uniqueness to the Knoxville-area. You will find @blumenbergcandleco candles lit throughout the entire spa, they are one of our top sellers in the retail area! We are always searching for new local vendors - feel free to inquire!

Instead of a Shop Dog we have a Spa Dog; you can find Chi Chi, more than likely, napping on the couch. He loves belly rubs and might sneak onto your lap (if you’re lucky.)

Our spa is a judgment-free zone and safe space alike– we’re all friends here!

Believe it or not, most of the reels on our instagram are inspired by a song— sometimes the lyrics and other times a melody.

We serve classic tropical inspired cocktails using recipes dating as far back as the 1950’s. We also like to change it up from time to time with specialty seasonal cocktails!